LRS Antilles CMS V. 1.19 Launched

Changes include comprehensive search, major blog improvements

Karen Carlson

Check out the updates to version 1.19 of LRS Antilles Content Management System:

Site-Wide Search: One search will bring integrated results from all content, modules, and pages. Content within the modules is integrated into an interface that delivers comprehensive search researches. This includes pages, resources, and other core components.

Plugins: You can now edit a plugin within a content area. Previously, you had to go within each plugin to make changes and then re-insert the plugin on your page. You can also add a plugin without clicking the "Validate" button. 

Blog: Lots of updates to improve usability. A new SEO tab to help you optimize the posts for search engine results, just like the pages module.

Canonical Tags: These tags are now automatically included for all pages in all modules. This will clarify for search engines how to index pages so they won't be considered duplicates.

Indexing: Your pages will now default to "Index" and "Follow" for the robots file.

Antilles Data Share:  This interface allows you to share data across modules.

Alt Text: You now get a reminder to add alt text with an image. (What is alt text and why is it important? Read this blog.)

  • Added the ability to preview a blog post
  • Added Blog SEO review for blog posts.
  • Updated how captions are paired with photos.
  • Author Management added - you can now leave it blank if you like
  • Author Image and job title added
  • Added Sub Title lead-in.
  • Allow publishing date to be optional.
  • Flexibility to schedule blog posts for the future.
  • Fixed Dashboard widget to show the correct number of posts.
  • Save and save and return buttons updated to be consistent with pages.
  • Removed the multi-site checkbox.
  • Removed additional unwanted characters from page stubs
  • Removed unnecessary divs around plugins
  • Single sign-on capabilities added
  • Image picker updated in Tiny MCE
  • Allow sending an email to a value from the form.
  • Updated radio buttons to pass accessibility checks.

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