Mobile Apps

Mobile app downloads have grown exponentially since 2019 and are expected to continue to grow in the years ahead. 

You’ve been dreaming of having an app. Now’s the time to get started.

Whether you need to target specific users, heighten awareness of your brand, start a profitable e-commerce store or need help creating an app for a new, life-changing idea, we can show you the way to app development. You’ll benefit from our decades of experience.

What You'll Get

Consultation and development of a mobile app of your vision, built for both IOS® and Android® applications.

Why You Need It

Websites are only one way your customers want to interact with you. Apps make it easier for your customers to connect with you on mobile devices. We can bring your vision to life.

Native vs Progressive Web Apps for iOS® and Android®

LRS provides custom development of native iOS® and Android® applications, as well as web-based progressive web applications (PWAs).

LRS has experience in both native and PWAs and can help you to decide which is best for your needs. Here's an overview of the differences.

Native Apps

Native applications may be preferable if your application can take advantage of the hardware capabilities available on an iOS® or Android® device, such as GPS, push notifications, bluetooth, or camera access. These applications are written using Apple's Swift language on iOS® devices and Kotlin for Android devices. The application is then uploaded to the Apple App Store and Google Play store. Once reviewed by Apple / Google, it will then be made available for users to download.

LRS® has expertise in developing native applications and provides direct integration with LRS® Antilles for providing seamless access between your website and your mobile applications.

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)

Progressive web applications (PWAs) provide an alternative to developing native applications separately for iOS® and Android® devices. Web apps can be developed to look and feel like a native application, but they are delivered through the browser. A PWA can have an icon added to the device's home screen and may be updated at any time without going through a review process. However, it must be installed by visiting a website. It is not available on the Apple or Google App stores.

While some unique functionality of a device is available to a progressive web application, like taking photos and getting a location, other features such as push notifications, or bluetooth support may not be available consistently across iOS® and Android® devices.

When should PWAs be used?

PWAs are better suited for applications that do not need access to unique hardware functionality. PWAs can be quicker to update because they do not require going through an app store review process and may save on costs because development for iOS® and Android® does not require developing in two separate languages.

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