Copywriting Services

Use a human to write for your business.

Think you can just use AI? Search engines don't value artificially-created copy.

If you’ve got a small staff or are short on time, our marketing strategist can help you. We have experience writing in a variety of business formats, including website copywriting and other marketing collateral.

The LRS® Web Solutions' content strategist will work to understand your business and your customers. We’ll research keywords, create personas, perform a competitor analysis and a content audit.

Since we get to know your business during the website build, we can also help you create and maintain your other content marketing needs, including blog posts, email marketing, advertising copy, newsletters, magazines, whatever you need!

What You'll Get

You'll benefit from professional copywriting for nearly any marketing need. Our award-winning copywriter has 20+ years’ experience in nearly every form of writing, from social media posts, email and press releases to blog posts and magazine feature stories, case studies, annual reports, newsletters, video scripts and more. 

Writing expertise from our content strategist, providing audits, drafts, edits and proofing of your content needs. We’ll optimize it for keywords, your SEO strategy and your customers.

As one client said, “You can take scraps and make great things with them.”

Why You Need It

There’s probably some kind of writing task on your to-do list. Why not partner with LRS® Web Solutions and get it done?

There’s always something that needs to be written, researched, edited or proofed. We’re here to complement your marketing team.

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