Video Production

Video is a must-have in today’s marketing mix.

More than 85% of businesses are using video in their marketing. But it takes a lot of hours to plan and produce. Video companies may not understand the other marketing elements in play, like your website.

Whether you need promotional videos, product-specific videos, or photos featuring your industry experts and staff, videos add a vibrant energy to your website, engaging your customers unlike any other media. The fact is, people want to watch video. Video can lead to more website traffic, so a video strategy is worth the investment.

With LRS® Web Solutions' video services, you'll receive professional, high-quality videos, carefully produced to your goals and specifications. Whether you're looking for a longer, formal presentation or short and breezy social media videos, we can help. You don't need to be a website client to take advantage of our creative and marketing experts.

What You'll Get

An experienced team of videographers and copywriters who can plan, shoot, edit and revise your video.

Why You Need It

Videos for businesses are more popular than ever and should be a part of your marketing strategies. Working with LRS® Web Solutions’ video team ensures that the channels work together.

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