Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) involves a mixture of technical and creative strategies and tactics to position your website to reach the top of the search engine results page. SEO is the constant care and feeding of your website that aims to satisfy search engines and entice web users to become customers.

While basic SEO is included in all our website projects, continuing SEO tasks are vital to maintain your business website. Investing in ongoing SEO can help keep tabs on your website (your biggest marketing asset) and keep your site fast and technically sound, and ensure your content is current and relevant. As you add new content, we can help ensure that it's primed for search engines. Think of SEO services as the ongoing engine that drives your website traffic to your most valuable content.

What You'll Get

Our SEO strategist will polish your website’s technical specs to ensure the site is optimized for the best search engine results in Google and Bing. This includes things like keyword research, site speed, keyword-focused metadata, and site structure. We collaborate with you to develop content to keep your site optimized and valuable to answer your customers' questions. Ask about our Ongoing SEO Package to get a customized plan.

Why You Need It

SEO is often overlooked for the "quick wins." SEO is the vitamin that keeps your website healthy over time and, like good health, has long-lasting benefits. Keep your website high-performing with technical fixes, keyword-optimized content, and off-site tactics to ensure your marketing strategies all work together. An SEO-optimized website can save you time and money when the time comes for a website redesign.

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