Information Architecture

Information architecture is where your process, goals, and objectives start to come together. 

Our data-driven planning involves getting an in-depth understanding of how your website visitors use your website. Once we understand your content, your users, analytics, and your value proposition we can re-organize your content to create a cohesive map throughout your users’ journeys.

The result is the first iteration of your new application, created by our User Experience Specialist.

What You'll Get

After strategy and planning are complete, we’ll chew over all the information and draft an outline of your new website content structure. You can check the navigation and overall approach. This is a critical checkpoint in our process.

You will get a detailed overview of the workflow of your new system. You'll see what systems the data is coming from, and where the data might be exported.  If a new database is required, a design of the database schema is included. 

Why You Need It

At this stage, our experts need to be sure they understand your business. This is the first check point to see if we’re on the right track with your system.  

Site architecture provides a solid foundation as the basis for the website.

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