Explore the Latest Release of LRS Antilles Content Manager

The latest update to LRS Antilles Content Manager includes enhancements and improvements to the platform streamlining making updates.

Zach Goriszewski

The latest update of LRS Antilles Content Manager includes enhancements and fixes, designed to streamline content management for users. 

If you're on the support plan and want to upgrade, open a Customer Support ticket to start the process.

A few of the new features include:

Enhanced Image Picker

The image picker has been modernized to support the latest image formats.  Now users can include .webp and .avif images, providing more options to ensure fast page load speeds.

SEO Capabilities

Introducing default sitewide schema for SEO.  Empowering users with enhanced search engine visibility.

Canonical URL Control

Gain control over canonical URLs by using the default sitewide schema field. 


Antilles supports Google Analytics 4(GA4), which is the latest version of the industry leading analytics platform.

What's Coming Soon? 

The team is working on a brand-new tool for managing resources and images. The new resource picker will streamline image optimization, sizing and cropping while improving the user experience for adding and maintaining files. 

Visit the Antilles Version History page to see a list of all updates and changes. 
Your website will receive automatic updates. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions about the current version of Antilles running on your site.

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