Simplify Website Management With A Better Content Management System (CMS)

If your website is hard to update, switch to an easy-to-use content management system: LRS® Antilles.

At LRS® Web Solutions, we can migrate your website to our own system, LRS® Antilles. You’ll enjoy a user-friendly, intuitive and secure platform that allows multiple logins for your team.

For cost savings, you only purchase what you need for a new CMS. We’ll provide one-on-one training and online tutorials. Plus, our customer support gives you help if and when you need it – we’re just a phone call away. Once you’ve fallen in love with LRS® Antilles, we can grow your website when your business is ready.


LRS® Antilles Content Manager is the home-grown website content management system developed by our skilled team at LRS® Web Solutions.  

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What You'll Get

You'll be impressed by our intuitive, module-based online content management system: LRS® Antilles. Designed, created and maintained by the award-winning developers at LRS® Web Solutions.

Why You Need It

Who has time for a frustrating website management system? You need to make changes fast and get on with your day. Eliminate the time and hassle of updating your site – invest in an easy-to-use system that your team will love.


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