What are wireframes? Wireframes are the skeletal design of your webpage elements, including images, text, buttons, videos, animations and infographics.  Wireframes are like an architect’s blueprints of a building. 

After understanding your business goals, your marketing initiatives, and analyzing your existing assets, we'll be ready to provide the first inklings of your new website with wireframes. 

These sketches help you understand what the website will look like before we add the bells and whistles of colors, fonts, images and content. This allows stakeholders to review the organization and navigation.  What’s missing? Can you easily find what you need?

This is an exciting part of the process to see the beginnings of your new and improved website, web application or database.

After wireframes are approved, then the fun of design can really begin! 

Wireframing is included in your website redesign, part of the expert services we deliver to our clients at LRS® Web Solutions.

What You'll Get

Wireframing includes a review with our UX specialist, who will create a set of files that are the "first draft" of the website design, using the basic elements of content and design.  Your ideas and revisions will refine the wireframes. 

Why You Need It

Wireframing saves time and money by identifying design or navigation improvements before any in-depth design work or content integration begins.  

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