LRS Antilles CMS Turns 18

Version 1.18 Adds New Layout Option

Karen Carlson

LRS Antilles version 1.18 is now available!

This update includes a lot of little fixes and some bigger improvements to give more complexity to your pages: multiple content areas.

Multiple Content Areas

You can now have multiple content areas to your page, similar to a column layout. See the page below, which has two content areas.

In LRS Antilles, the page looks like this:

Using the drop-down menu, you can manage and edit specific content in each content area.

This is a sophisticated way to get more information in the place that you want it. It’s mobile-friendly too!

Note that your website’s templates will need to be modified to support multiple content areas. Contact Helpdesk for assistance.

Improved Plugin Support

The Plugin Manager can now support more of the LRS Antilles’ modules. Depending on the page being edited, more options may show up within the Plugin Manager.

Change Log:

  • Added support for LRS Antilles themes
  • Updated LRS Antilles bar to support plugins from other modules 
  • Updated Schedule tasks with a notification before running manually 
  • Updated Page title control with additional parameters 
  • Updated module uninstall process to push removals if LRS Antilles is configured to use git 
  • Fixed formatting in OG tag generator 
  • Fixed sitemap to include pages that were not excluded but were nested under an excluded page
  • Fixed issue preventing the LRS Antilles Update log from loading
  • Fixed issue where resource picker would become hidden by other elements (news module)
  • Fixed issue where link pages could be saved as parents of themselves
  • Fixed issue where the TinyMCE link list was empty for administrators with no other roles
  • Fixed issue when users attempting to access a content page without permission received an error instead of a restricted message
  • Fixed issue where links or placeholders would return a blank content page when their url stubs were used

To upgrade your site to version 1.18, send us a request!

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