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Antilles 1.14.10 Release

Antilles version 1.14.10 is now available.

Bill Goldsberry

Antilles version 1.14.10 is now available.

We have added some exciting new features in this release including a task scheduler, an Antilles API framework and integrated Bing Search to replace Google Search. The full change log is included below.

Version 1.14.10

Released: April 26, 2017

  • Added Bing Web Search as new search provider
  • Added image thumbnails and icons to Resources
  • Added support for Antilles API and Diagnostics page
  • Added Scheduler using
  • Added auto-resizing to bulk resource uploads
  • Updated Install and Upgrade process for easier core updates
  • Fixed issue with null alert message when viewing pages with plugins
  • Fixed issue when entering maintenance mode after failed update causing an error

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