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Why should you sign up for the Antilles support plan?

Mariah Kendall

Are you using the latest version of LRS Antilles Content Manager? If you’re currently signed up for the Antilles support plan, then you don’t have to worry! Everyone covered under the support plan has their content management system (CMS) updated automatically.

A subscription to the Antilles support plan guarantees you are receiving all available software updates to the Antilles platform. Those updates could include new features, security changes and patches.

New CMS Features

With every minor version of Antilles released there are anywhere from one, to potentially dozens of new features added. If you subscribe to the support plan, these new features will be automatically applied and available to you.

Website Security

The latest release of Antilles is scanned on a regular basis with our automated security testing tool. If those scans reveal any vulnerabilities, necessary updates are added to the next release.

If you aren’t currently subscribed to the support plan, not only are you missing out on all the great things the latest version of Antilles has to offer, but you will also miss out on a great discount only subscribers will receive. All active support plan members will receive a 20% discount to upgrade when the next major release of Antilles is launched.

Your website is vital to the growth and success of your business. Staying up to date is critical. With Antilles support you can focus on running your business knowing your website is covered.

Talk to your account representative today to learn how the Antilles support plan can give you peace of mind.

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