LRS Antilles Content Manager 1.16.0 Release

LRS Antilles Content Manager 1.16.0 is now available!

Josh Cuzzort

We are excited to announce the release of LRS Antilles Content Manager 1.16.0!

The most visible change to this release of LRS Antilles is the updated interface and layout, which has been enhanced by our own Design team. This release also provides many additional enhancements, new functionality, and bug fixes.

Before and After

In the animation above, we compare the 1.15.1 dashboard to the updated 1.16.0 dashboard. As you can see, the general layout of elements remains the same. However, the color scheme has been updated to match the colors of LRS Antilles and the styles have been updated to give the dashboard a more modern feel.

LRS Antilles SDK

LRS Antilles 1.16.0 now ships with the new LRS Antilles SDK module. With this module, you will now have access to the following tools:

LRS Antilles Font Pack

Our Design team has been hard at work, providing 100+ custom icons for our new LRS Antilles Font Pack. These new icons are in use throughout 1.16.0 and can be implemented with any module. All icons included are vector-based SVGs and can be scaled to any size.

Bulk Page Creator

This wonderful application allows for the rapid addition of pages, placeholders, and links to quickly build out your website from a sitemap or mindmap. While most useful when initially setting up a site, this can also be helpful in the event a large number of pages need to be added to a site.

Module Packages

Use this to package module for deployment. This functionality previously existed in the Settings module.

Git Tools

Provides a series of diagnostic tools when your site is integrated with Git.

Style Guide

The Style Guide provides a visual and code reference for styling modules built for LRS Antilles.


Alerts and notifications in LRS Antilles now are shown at the top of the page and are sticky. If you scroll, the alert will still be visible, allowing you to refer to any information provided.


Our rich text editor integration uses TinyMCE and has been updated to version 4.7. Additionally we have added plugins for responsive videos, Font Awesome, and templates. We know these new features will give you more power when editing your content.

Change Log

  • Added Quick Edit to All Pages
  • Added Antilles SDK module
  • Added Bulk Page Creator to Antilles SDK
  • Added SMTP email verification to dashboard
  • Added support for Antilles Font Pack
  • Added Antilles Font Pack cheatsheet to Antilles SDK
  • Added Font Awesome to TinyMCE
  • Added templates to TinyMCE
  • Added responsive video plugin to TinyMCE
  • Added sorting to pages list
  • Added ability for Admins to impersonate users
  • Added Antilles Universal Resource Selector for documents and images
  • Added git integration for updates
  • Updated Antilles theme with layout changes, new colors, and fonts
  • Updated Resources to support nested categories
  • Updated Versions and version comments on Pages
  • Updated location of Module Packages to Antilles SDK
  • Updated alerts to be sticky
  • Updated search results markup and added inline search on results page
  • Updated open graph image preview in Pages
  • Updated client side logout to allow a url redirect
  • Fixed issue with plugins when duplicating a page
  • Fixed issue with meta data not displaying on home page

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