Antilles 1.15.1 Release

Antilles 1.15.1 provides several SEO enhancements and tools to assist with writing SEO rich content. Page management and site settings have been organized to streamline editing.

We are excited to announce the release of Antilles 1.15.1! 

This release of Antilles provides many SEO related enhancements as well as bug fixes, and layout changes for managing pages and site settings.

See the change log below for a full list of updates.

  • Added keyword analysis tools to Pages editor
  • Added stylized email templates
  • Added integrations tab to Settings
  • Added syntax highlighting to source view in Pages editor
  • Added table insertion tool in Pages editor
  • Added block outlining in Pages editor
  • Added right-click menu in Pages editor
  • Added tool to set the meta robots tag in Pages editor
  • Added keyword analysis score indicator to All Pages view
  • Added duplicate page button to All Pages view
  • Added override ability for Meta Title and Meta description
  • Added override ability for breadcrumb text
  • Added Open Graph preview to Pages editor
  • Added iMessage preview to Pages editor
  • Updated Pages editor with sitemap priority drop down selector
  • Updated Settings to tab layout
  • Updated My Profile layout
  • Updated Pages sub-page navigation to show pages on same level or child pages
  • Updated TinyMCE to 4.6.5
  • Updated All Pages view to hide workflow related info if workflow is off
  • Updated All Pages view to display page stub
  • Updated the Demo Warning bar to new look
  • Updated Sitemap defaults for new Pages
  • Fixed Bing search error when there were no results.
  • Fixed issue where TLS 1.2 was not enforced when checking for updates at startup

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