Antilles 1.14.8 Release

Antilles 1.14.8 released!

Bill Goldsberry

We are excited to announce the release of Antilles version 1.14.8. This new release adds features for integrating with the Braintree and payment gateways as well as security enhancements to force a password reset for users after a certain number of days. For a full list of updates see the change log below.

Version 1.14.8

Released: February 24, 2017

  • Added ability to hide page title in master page by adding pnlTitle to a div or panel
  • Added authenticated class to page body when logged in
  • Added forced password reset option to login process after x days
  • Added admin notes to user management page
  • Added BrainTree and Libraries to core
  • Added Antilles Commerce API for creating standardized payments with credit cards and eChecks
  • Updated Antilles side-bar to maintain its last expanded or collapsed state
  • Updated default body classes to be lowercase
  • Updated module installation process for reliability
  • Fixed bug where plugins placed in featured content areas would not display
  • Fixed bug with featured images not showing in the dropdown when editing a page
  • Fixed bug with sub-page navigation control where setting the page stub manually did not work

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