Making a Statement for National Dapper Your Data Day

Discover the importance of data security and how you can keep your information safe

Sophia Bonansinga 7/14/2023

National Dapper Your Data Day may be a new observance on your calendar, but it is a topic as old as the microchip. It is a special day to clean your data. Why? 

According to an article written by Ruth Hawk, a cyberattack occurs every 39 seconds. These breaches can target companies of all sizes, ranging from small businesses to multibillion-dollar companies. Cyberattacks can result in significantly debilitating revenue theft, as well as personal security breaches where private data can be shared globally. While unfortunately, many companies remain vulnerable to these attackers, cybersecurity is continuously evolving.  

As data security becomes more imperative, so does the need for web developers. Web developers play a crucial role, pioneering “privacy by design,” and integrating confidential measures into software development processes. Although developers are working as the frontline of defense against data breaches, unsecured files are still a numerous and easy target for data breaches. You can assist developers in protecting your data by installing GDPR complaint plugins on WordPress sites, adding a privacy policy page to your website, and implementing controls for storing customer data.

Managing security concerns is no longer optional. It is necessary to protect and secure all your intellectual property, which is the driving force behind the establishment of National Dapper Your Data Day. This holiday highlights the persisting issue of data safety and educates people on how to fight back.  

How can you observe this holiday? Here are a few suggestions: 

  1. Clean out your data regularly, not only on July 18th. This practice allows you to have full control over the information you may have access to. 
  2. Read about data protection and cybersecurity! As technology becomes increasingly prominent, so does the importance of cybersecurity. Although this topic may be new to some, there is an abundance of information to keep yourself and your data safe. 
  3. Stay informed about current news regarding data privacy and security. This holiday serves as a reminder of the constant significance of data privacy and security in our lives. 

By participating in National Dapper Your Data Day, you help protect important information and make the digital world safer for all users. 

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