Antilles 1.15.0 Release

LRS Antilles 1.15.0 released.

The LRS Antilles team is excited to announce the release of version 1.15.0.

Today's release includes enhancements for page level SEO, and the ability to manage the search engine site map. We have also added support for modules to easily supply data to be included in the sitemap submitted to search engines.

Major upgrades were made to the update process making it easier to update the LRS Antilles core as well as other supported modules.

Additional updates were made to force TLS 1.2 connections and support for authenticated SMTP mail servers.

Visit the documentation page for the latest LRS Antilles User Guide.

Read below for the full change log in version 1.15.0.

  • Added API support to allow custom module data to be included in the sitemap
  • Added support for Antilles data sources for templating of module data
  • Added ability to use featured content and image placeholders in Pages
  • Added built-in support for DataTables, enabling browser level sorting and paging of tables
  • Added built-in support for datepicker styling and functionality
  • Added quick link to front-end of website
  • Updated Pages with sitemap priority and exclude pages from sitemap
  • Updated SMTP Mail functionality to allow for authenticated SMTP server calls
  • Updated Image Processor Library to 2.5.4
  • Fixed issue where sub-page menu navigation would not open in a new window
  • Fixed issue where uploading low resolution images were up-scaled to 1600px
  • Security Update to force TLS 1.2 on outgoing connections by default
  • Added automated download of available updates.

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