Manage Your Email Marketing in LRS Antilles

Email your customers and work on your website all in one place.

Tracy Dyer

Are you tired of having to log into your website to update your content and then have to log in to another service to keep your customers informed with emails or text messages?

Update Your Website & Communicate With Email - All Within Your Website Manager 

Wouldn't life seem so much easier if you could log into one place to update your website and send updates to your customers of those updates? And, imagine if you could also send text messages? 

Send Marketing Emails From LRS Antilles

Well, good's not too good to be true! We have partnered with Sendgrid/Twilio to bring you a brand new module for our LRS Antilles Content Management System that allows you to interact with your customers right from your Antilles dashboard via email, text messages, or both!

The Antilles Email Module lets you organize your subscription emails and send messages all within LRS Antilles Content Manager!

Email/Text Module Features 

With this new module, you'll be able to:

  • Manage all of your email marketing lists.
  • Send marketing emails with the option of sending text notifications.
  • Set up text keywords (ie, "alerts") to allow customers to subscribe to a marketing list by texting the keyword to your unique phone number.
  • Import a list of existing customers to your marketing lists.
  • Create and manage email templates to create a consistent look and feel to all of your correspondence.
  • Set up admins that can send notifications to your list by sending a text. For instance, an admin can text the word "alerts" followed by the message and that message will be sent to all of the subscribers to the "alerts" list.
  • Create a subscription page for your customers to manage their notifications to all of your lists.
  • Drop a "widget" on a specific page so a customer can sign up for a specific list.

Future Features:

  • Schedule emails and texts
  • View vital analytics on your marketing emails such as: how many emails were opened, how many were marked as spam, and unsubscribes.

Save time | Simplify Marketing Communication

The Antilles Email Module is available now! To add this to your version of Antilles, contact your sales rep at LRS Web Solutions. Learn more about LRS Antilles at our sister site,

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