Google™ Site Search Replacement

Does your site use Google's™ Site Search tool? If so this is a must read. Take action before your search stops working.

Bill Goldsberry

As many of you may have read, the popular site search tool Google™ has offered for quite some time is being discontinued.

Google™ announced new sales of site search will not be offered after April 2017. Customers already subscribing to the service may continue using it through April 1st, 2018. 

So what does that mean for your site search? 

If your site uses the free Google search it will remain unaffected.  Keep in mind the free search contains advertisements.

For customers who do not wish to have ads on their site search, the Antilles team has integrated the Bing Web Search API as a replacement. Pricing for Bing starts at $3/month for 1,000 searches.

If you subscribe to the Antilles support package, your site will automatically receive release 1.14.10 which will contain the new Bing search feature. After signing up through Azure for the Web Search API you can simply select Bing as your search option form Site Settings, and enter the API Key provided in Azure.  If you are new to Azure you may be slightly overwhelmed by the everything that is offered. As always our Antilles support team is here to help.  We can walk you through setting up a the Bing Web Search API and connecting to your LRS Antilles site.  Give us a call or submit a ticket at your convenience.

Happy Searching!

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