The Last Surprise of 2020

We may want to delete 2020, but look on the bright side: it didn’t kill your business's website. Read this post or we'll make you do 2020 all over again.

Karen Carlson 12/16/2020

In January, we posted a blog called “what to be ready for in 2020.” Well, the joke was on us; We sure weren’t ready for 2020, were we?

I re-read the post this week with a cynical eye, just waiting to smirk and scoff at its blissful naivete, thinking that the list wasn’t at all relevant for the insane year we had.  

But I was wrong.

As I looked over the list, I didn’t smirk; I didn’t tap my pinky on the delete button. As it turned out, I was surprised:

That list is still incredibly relevant.

So what does that mean?

Websites are your indestructible powerhouse.

Your business website can survive a global pandemic, civil unrest, remote working, remote learning, an insane election, murder hornets, asteroids, and whatever else this crazy thing called 2020 threw at us.

You’re the kind of business owner that doesn’t just survive, you thrive. And your website is a key part of your success.

In fact, your website may have been a welcome relief for home-bound searchers looking for your business's products and services. You may have found new niches, e-commerce for continuity, and explored new tactics to bring customers to your digital doorstep.

So you can’t kill your business website – but you can make it better, and that pre-pandemic list still matters to ensure a great website. This year was an opportunity for your website to get healthier.

Did your website get stronger in 2020? If yes, then congratulations! Treat yourself to an extra helping of whatever makes you happy. (I’ll take that extra slice of pizza, thank you.)

If not, don’t fret. The internet isn’t going anywhere -- it’s only going to get stronger, more relevant, and more critical to the lifeblood of nearly every business.

Will your website help your business get stronger in 2021?

There were more searches online than ever before last year. Did searchers find your website? (Hint: review your analytics.) Is it the best it can be as we enter a new year filled with uncertainty? 

Check out our list again. The “how to improve your website” tips are still relevant at the end of 2020, if not more so than they were a year ago. If you’re struggling with any of them, let us know. Make this your go-to checklist to improve your website in 2021.

So we won’t make any predictions or to-do lists for 2021. We’re all just trying to get our lives back to normal. But let’s make your website better than normal.

So while you may want to delete 2020 altogether, celebrate that we made it through. We’re here. You’re here. Let’s talk. Here’s to better days ahead.

Check out the list and tell us which one you need most.

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