Virtual Tour Gives Chestnut the Extras

Could your facility benefit from this stand-out website feature?

Karen Carlson

For some, going to the doctor can be a scary experience. If you’re going to a new and unfamiliar facility, perhaps in a new town, it can be even more nerve-wracking. Where do I go? How will I know I'm in the right place? What does it look like?

Chestnut Family Health Center understands these fears of their patients, and they wanted to make going to the doctor a little bit easier.

The idea? An immersive photographic tour of their facility to give patients the opportunity to get comfortable with the facilities and completely understand the services that Chestnut offers, according to Celeste Brennan, Marketing and Communications Coordinator at Chestnut Health Systems.

But it had to be more than just typical photos to convey the feeling that the Chestnut leadership wanted. They wanted an extra special feature for their patients, many of whom come from rural areas around central and southern Illinois.

Chestnut Family Health Virtual Tour

Chestnut Family Health enlisted the help of LRS® Web Solutions to build a "virtual tour" of its Bloomington, Illinois, medical facility.

The result is a package of interactive photos that allows the user to see a 360-degree image of 14 rooms. “We wanted our patients to have the ability to have a look around before they come in,” Brennan says. “It gives them a good idea of what to expect when they arrive, and it helps our patients feel important and that they will be well taken care of.”

“The LRS staff is top-notch. They listen to the needs of the customer. They get to know the business and understand what the result should be." 

--Celeste Brennan, Chestnut Health Systems

The "Cherry on Top" of a Website Redesign

The virtual tour is just one part of a comprehensive website redesign for Chestnut Family Health and Chestnut Health Systems ( The two sites tie together in branding, website styling and content.

Since the site launched, the virtual tour has been the second-highest webpage experience for the family health site.

“The Health Center patients and staff love the new site,” says Brennan. “It’s bright, cheery, and welcoming!”

Brennan appreciates the work of the LRS Web Solutions team. “The LRS staff is top-notch. They listen to the needs of the customer. They get to know the business and understand what the result should be. I’m very happy to consider LRS as part of my team.  I cannot say enough good things about the LRS web team.”

Check out Chestnut Family Health’s virtual tour of its Bloomington facility.

Would your company and customers benefit from a virtual tour or some other extra feature to make your business website stand out? Reach out to LRS Web Solutions. Let’s brainstorm to get you something spectacular that will meet the needs of your customers, your business and your brand.


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