How Your Website is Like a House

And why you need a professional team to build your most important marketing asset.

Karen Carlson


Websites: Your Business's Virtual Home

If you’ve ever tackled the project of building a house from the ground up, you know how complex the process is. Building a house is a huge undertaking but is a memorable milestone in your life. This is where you and your loved ones will live. You’ll make memories there (hopefully more good than bad).

Think of your business’s website as the company's virtual, digital home. It’s just as – if not more important – as your physical location. In fact, in this digital world, it may even be more important than brick and mortar or business cards.

Your business's website development deserves the same quality care construction that your house does.


Avoid the #1 Danger in Building Your Company's Virtual Home 

Some companies believe building a website is a simple project that a one-person marketing department can get online in a few days.

Imagine building a website like you would build your family home. Would you build a house by yourself? Would you hire newbies who build houses in their spare time? Or would you hire a team of expert professionals with years of skill in their respective fields to ensure quality care was taken with your home?


Consider This Home-Building Story (Recipe for Disaster):

Say that you saw free house plans online. You’ll get access to the materials to build your house. So you create an account, watch a 3-minute “how-to” video, and figure you can build it in your spare time.

You start to build, and you thought the online content management system was free, but now the free site is pushing you to keep adding on services at additional costs. Hidden fees are adding up.

Or maybe your cousin’s friend’s husband says he builds houses on the weekends. He and his buddy are self-taught. He’d do it super cheap. He can get to it sometime in the next month or so. (This may be your #1 danger in building your website.)

So you say OK, but he drags his feet getting the house done. He’s tough to get a hold of and takes forever to get back to you. Suddenly, letting a buddy build your home isn’t panning out like you thought.

Once the house is built, it’s okay. Not great, not beautiful. But it’ll do for now. You guess. The plumbing isn’t perfect. The doors don’t open every time. And there’s already a crack in the wall.

But it’ll do, right?

Of course not! You’d never accept workmanship like that. Your family home deserves better. And so does your business’ website.


Why I'm Telling You This

We often use the “building a house” analogy when talking to clients about the process of building websites with LRS Web Solutions. 

The website is your company’s virtual “home.” Here is where your customers will make memories of your company – they’ll definitely remember an outdated, clunky, poorly designed website where they couldn’t find anything. But they’ll also remember great experiences – like beautiful photographs, useful content, and easy-to-navigate design.

Your company’s website is where your customers meet you, learn about you, hang out and read your news, features, blog, and hopefully, come back and have a great experience as they become a customer or member. Then they’ll tell their friends about what a great company you are.

Doesn’t your business deserve the same care and quality?

The website is your company’s virtual “home.” Here is where your customers will make memories of your company.

Free Web Builders - You Get What You Pay For

Sure, you can get access to a free, online content management system. But when you’re staring at the screen and realize it’s all down to you to get the website done (added to your hundreds of other job duties), a free web builder seems about as good an idea as buying a Commodore Vic20.

Or maybe you get a website up – and then you forget about it. The design ages, the pictures are outdated, the content is archaic, and the site is just not coming up on Google search results. You know you need a few forms, you’d like to add some special features, you want e-commerce, you want to add a video, but the “free” software requires that you purchase a package to get access to those features. You’re tired, confused and frustrated – and you have your day job to do.

The LRS team understands, and we’re here to help.


Expert Web Solutions

At LRS Web Solutions, we have a slew of experts with decades of experience in their fields of expertise. We take care and consideration with your business. When you build a house, you want your construction team to have all the experienced professionals, with years of experience. Similarly, at LRS our web solutions experts include:

  • UI/UX Experts who create the blueprints for your website.
  • Web Developers who build the “walls” of your website, the windows, and doors.
  • Application Developers – who can give your site the “extras” that make it stand apart from your competitors (the Porsche or Tesla in the driveway that makes the neighbors jealous!)
  • Designers, Photographers, and Writers who make sure the design and layout of the home look great have a good “feel”, and that your visitors can find what they need when they need it.
  • Photographers/Videographers to make sure your website's visuals are modern, stylish and attractive to the visitors to your home (no '80s hairstyles or clip art!)
  • SEO Experts – to make sure website visitors and search engines can easily find your site.
  • Account Representatives and Customer Support – Real people available for your ongoing problems and questions.
  • Project Managers – to keep your project on track and on budge

You wouldn’t take shortcuts and freebies to build your family home. Why do that with your company’s virtual “home?” Isn’t your business – like your home -- worth the investment? Get some business web solutions from LRS.

Send me a quick note to get started building your dream home – err, website.  😊 

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