Your Checklist to Choose the Best Content Management System

What features should you look for in a content management system?

Karen Carlson

So you’re thinking about your business’s website – it needs improvement. (Kudos to you for being a forward-thinking employee!)

You may already be using a Content Management System like WordPress, Squarespace, Joomla, Wix, or something like them. These platforms got your feet wet in website management, but now you’re ready for something better for your business.

What Features Do I Need in a Content Management System?

With so many CMS’s out there wanting your attention, how do you know what features to demand in the best Content Management System (CMS)? has listed 15 “must-have” features.   

We at LRS Web Solutions took a look at that list to see how well our own content management system LRS Antilles Content Manager (named after a group of Caribbean islands) stacks up. We've been building websites since the dawn of the web.  

We continue to refine our content management system based on the needs and wants of our clients and the evolution of responsive web design. That’s a unique feature in the world of CMS: we built it, and we maintain it. (And we have fun, too. See the team.) A CMS requirements checklist makes choosing a content management system - and a website development company - a little easier.


How Well Does LRS Antilles Content Manager Stack Up?

Take a look at this content management system checklist with the 15 features recommends for quality CMS programs and see how LRS Antilles compares:

  1. Easy Interface (So you don't have to re-learn everything.)
  2. Powerful Publishing Tools (Quick publish/unpublish)
  3. Built in SEO tools (SEO should be included as your website is being built)
  4. Social Media Integration (Make it easy to share your great website content.)
  5. Detailed Analytics (Get monthly reports of how your website is performing.)
  6. Simple Workflow and Publishing (Monitor how your team manages website content.)
  7. Security (Without this, you're vulnerable.)
  8. Multi-Platform Capabilities (Combine multiple sites if you need)
  9. Exemplary Support (Talk to a real person to get help!)
  10. Permission Options - (Limit who manages what content on your site.)
  11. Robust Content Templates (Websites "off the rack" to preserve your budget)
  12. Support for Voice Search (Make sure your content is written to align with voice searches)
  13. On-Site Search (Learn what people are searching for to help your content strategy.)
  14. Versions (So you can revert to an earlier version of the page.)
  15. Business Alignment (Web team should understand your business and bring ideas to help you achieve your goals.)

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Recommended Feature

LRS Antilles Content Manager

Easy Administration

LRS Antilles is an intuitive, tab-based interface and content editor. Quick Edit options allow for basic functionality. Multiple content creators are allowed.

Powerful Publishing Tools

It's easy to publish and unpublish content in LRS Antilles

- Easy content tagging
- Add images and video
- Build forms within the CMS 

Built-in SEO Tools

LRS Antilles has built-in SEO for meta title, meta description, preview for search engine results and open graph, and more.

Social Media Integration

Easily link Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to your website. Open graph preview is built in. Bonus integration for Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, and Bing. Other integrations are available upon request.

Detailed Analytics

We'll send you monthly reports from Google to track your website's progress. Custom dashboards, analysis, and training available upon request.

Simple Workflow and Publishing Controls

Intuitive tab-based interface and content editor. Quick Edit options for basic functionality. Multiple content creators allowed.


Site PIN, easy site lock, two-factor login available. LRS Web Solutions team can customize Antilles to meet your security needs.

Multi-Platform Capabilities

Multi-site integration; mobile accessibility assured

Exemplary Support

24/7 HelpDesk; Fast turnaround and personal attention

Tiered Permissions

Flexible to allow varying levels of authority for content creators, editors or managers.

Robust Content Templates

LRS Antilles can accommodate templates that are custom-built for your business by the LRS Web Solutions team or choose from our prebuilt themes to get a quicker start.

Microdata Support for Voice Search

Antilles provides limited built-in support on select modules. Antilles' product road map includes support for product reviews and events. More support coming in 2019.

Comprehensive Search

Just say the word, and LRS Web Solutions' team can integrate search in Antilles.

Versioning for Quick Rollback

Any time you save a page in Antilles, a new version of that page is created. If you've made a mistake, no problem .You can always go back to the previous version.

Business Alignment

Antilles accommodates features for a variety of businesses, including banks, restaurants, constructions, engineering and more. Check out LRS Web Solutions' portfolio.

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Overwhelmed with this list of features? Don’t worry. You're not in this alone. But you can see that LRS Antilles matches this list feature by features. It's all right there waiting for you with LRS Antilles.

Take the next step

Plus, there's a lot more we can show you about LRS Antilles and the team at LRS Web Solutions. Contact us for a no-obligation consultation and a free demo.

In any case, we’re here when you’re ready. 



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