The 1 Upgrade Your Business Website Needs

(And 5 other tasks you should do, too)

Karen Carlson

Business websites are a central part of how your customers and stakeholders meet you. Make sure that your website is meeting -– and exceeding -- the needs and wants of your audience.

Here are 6 updates that will help your business move forward with a fully robust website that will attract and retain customers to your business.

What's even better, you can do these small touches now, without blowing a big budget on a full-fledged redesign. And when you do decide to refresh, the project can move faster. 

1. Move to HTTPs

Now more than ever, online security is critical to protect your information. HTTPS - HyperText Transfer Protocol - is the protocol that communicates between the web server and the requested computer. The “s” is for “security,” making it harder for snoops to get the information. HTTPS uses a secure sockets layer (SSL) that codes the information in a secure way, so no one can see it. Upgrade your site to https to protect your customers. Google flags all unencrypted sites now and puts not secure in the browser bar of Google Chrome. For those unencrypted sites, that can result in a huge loss of traffic.

2. Get Mobile-Friendly 

If your website design isn’t optimized for mobile, you’re way behind the times. You’re likely not ranking very high on search engines. More and more people are using their cell phones or tablets to search for answers to their questions, shopping for goods and services, and even applying for jobs and for admission to college. If your website isn’t a smooth, easy experience for your users, they’ll go elsewhere.

3. Check for Website Accessibility

The internet is a public space, and accessibility is just as important online as it is in physical locations. Not only is it necessary for legal compliance, but it also helps your brand reputation. With a WCAG accessible site, you’ll potentially get millions of new customers, customers with disabilities including sensory impairments, cognitive and motor disabilities. Read more about the importance of accessibility

4. Freshen Your Content

Remove outdated events, update staff information, review your services and products and think about how to freshen up your page with new information, new photos or illustrations, and of course, useful, relevant and awesome content to attract and retain viewers to your site. After all, that’s why people are coming to your site, right? Read why content is often the scariest part of a website redesign. Don't be afraid to get help with your content from LRS Web Solutions' Content Strategist.

5. Get Local 

Optimizing your business on a local level can help boost your SEO ranking. How do you do that? Start by claiming your businesses on Google Business Profiles and Bing Places and be sure they link back to your website. Check the listings to make sure that your name, address, phone numbers, and emails exactly match your website’s location pages.

6 Integrate and Optimize Social Media

Social media is great for you to flex your expertise and build an audience. Chances are, your business has some kind of social media presence. If not, considering adding a channel in the next few months. Choose a channel that matches your customer demographic. Be sure your social media channels are optimized and connected to your business with direct links back to your website. Social media impacts your business’s rankings in the search engines and optimizes your brand.

Does this list seem daunting? Not to worry. The LRS Web Solutions team can help you complete all 6 of these techniques – and help you do much more this year. Talk to us and let’s get started!

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