Patience is a Virtue – But Waiting for a Website to Load is Not

Load time is the no-go time for your business website

Karen Carlson


Case Study: Christian Retreats Network

Website Problems:

  • Slow website loading time
  • Multiple Websites


  • LRS Antilles Content Management System for easy website management for multiple sites
  • Mobile-friendly design for improved user experience
  • 12% decrease in webpage load time

Staff and event planners of the Christian Retreats Network (CRN) were frustrated with the slow-loading CRN websites. Experts say that webpages that take longer than 2 seconds to load will drive away about half of your audience.

Does the "Patience is a Virtue" Website Ever Load?

Yes, after about 30 minutes. Ironic that it takes so long, isn't it? The payoff is a cat meme. 

Don't make your website users wait that long! How fast does your website load?

Ask LRS Web Solutions.

CRN, located in Carlinville, Illinois, provides venues for Christian events at eight locations. Once the sites did load, they presented users with a busy display of multiple fonts, a broad color palette, and a scrolling buffet of information.

In addition to the slow load times, CRN staffers were maintaining each location website using a popular online website tool that took significant staff time to use. As a result, the CRN webpages were not optimized to give users the best experience. 

Enter LRS Web Solutions.

Our developers, Sean, Tyler, and Jedd, efficiently engineered the eight sites so they are mobile friendly, load faster and include cool rollovers and simplified navigation. Using the LRS Antilles Content Management System, the CRN staff can now easily manage their content in less time.

When working with multiple locations and event planners, CRN has lots of forms to keep everything organized. An easy-to-use form builder, included within the LRS Antilles web software, lets the CRN staff easily build the forms on their own and easily share the data with their Customer Relations Management (CRM) company. 

Our designers, Jason and Eric, softened the color palette, simplified the fonts, and added better photography, giving the site a more attractive visual presentation.

CRN's website before a redesign.

Business Websites Need to Be Fast. How Fast is Yours?

We all hate waiting, and in this era of short attention spans, website load speed matters. A slow-loading website (that is, longer than 1 or 2 seconds) can cost you customers.

It mattered even more in 2021, when Google released its "Page Experience" update that focuses on new metrics labeled "Core Web Vitals." Read our blog post about the Core Web Vitals.

How fast does your website load? Ask for a free consultation and see how fast we can make your website go!

Is Your Business Website Fast Enough for Google?

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