Tear Down That Wall!

How Kwik-Wall’s website became a uniter, not a divider, for its customers.

Karen Carlson


Tear down the wall between outdated technology and modern website design.

If websites had walls, the ones with outdated technology would be on one side. Sites with modern features like responsive design are on the other side. Which side are you on?

Once upon a time, Flash Player, a website plug-in, was the indicator of a top-of-the-line website. Well, the world of websites moves fast, and today, having Flash on your site is about as innovative as owning a flip phone. Like the flip phone, the Flash Player plug-in has declined in popularity, partly due to its security risks and inability to render on mobile devices.

Kwik Wall's website before a website redesign.

Kwik-Wall, a Springfield, Illinois-based moveable wall systems contractor, still had Flash as a lead feature of its site as of January 2018. That meant that website visitors who didn’t have Flash updated in their browsers would be frustrated with their user experience and miss out on some Kwik-Wall features included in the Flash player. Today’s customers expect a beautiful, rewarding and responsive experience when they come to your site. An dysfunctional website is a definite turnoff, dampening the authority and weakening the brand of great companies– and may ultimately hurt conversions and sales.

The business website design solution? LRS Antilles Content Management System.

With this powerful Content Management System, our team designed and developed a custom responsive website to make it easy for Kwik-Wall to manage and grow its website.

Thinking of the varying needs of Kwik-Wall’s audiences, we added a separate, secure section just for distributors. On the other side of the virtual wall, we built a section for people looking for a distributor, complete with Google Map and location pins, detailed product pages, videos and product files. Multiple galleries and pages use the Antilles List Builder module that not only creates a great user experience but makes it easy for Kwik-Wall to update these design-driven pages on their own.

Photo gallery for Kwik Wall
Kwik-Wall used a module to create a sleek and modern gallery of its projects. 

Web design with LRS Antilles transformed the Kwik-Wall site into a sophisticated, Flash-free presentation. What’s more, the Antilles solution is an adaptive solution. Antilles’ sites are eligible for site upgrades to keep your site up-to-date with the latest trends – so that your visitors will always find a top-grade site and a pleasant experience.

While Kwik Wall helps its customers by putting up walls, an outdated website divides you from your customer. LRS Web Solutions specializes in tearing down the walls of outdated website designs. Take a look at our portfolio of work and contact us to learn more.

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