How Simple Updates Strengthen Your Brand

Does Your Website Accurately Reflect Your Company's Brand?

Karen Carlson

Your website reflects your company’s brand, and most often it’s the first way customers learn about your business. How does yours stack up?   

A bold, yet simple, website can convey a company's strength and confidence. Take Kuchar Combine Parts for example. LRS Web Solutions listened and delivered exactly what Kuchar wanted: a clean, straight-forward re-design without over-complicating the site with gobs of unneeded content.

The entrance to Kuchar's website is a focused, yet grand presentation. A stylized photo swoops in for a strong brand placement, with a direct, clear call to action: Contact Us. A few scrolls present everything you need to know.

In addition to presenting a strong brand, it’s clear that Kuchar Combine Parts thinks about its customer. The pages talk to you in a friendly, Midwestern-honest way, offering advice about improving your performance, “whether you make a purchase or not.” Family-owned, you know you’ll get a trustworthy voice when you contact Kuchar.

Simple site updates can include:

  • New photography
  • Content updates
  • Navigation improvements
  • Link checks
  • Accessibility Check
  • Security Checks

Kuchar Combine Parts shows how simple changes to your website can strengthen your brand. To learn how easy it is to make simple updates to your site, contact LRS Web Solutions.

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