Cars and Websites Both Crave TLC

LRS Gives a Car Dealership Website Help Under the Hood

Karen Carlson

Today’s cars are complicated and sophisticated machines, and if you’re like most of us, you don’t dare dive under the hood. You rely on experts to help keep your ride humming. Maintenance is an important part of car ownership to keep your wheels running smoothly.

Similarly, today’s websites are becoming more and more complex. To keep your website driving your business, LRS Web Solutions can help keep your website at peak performance.  

An LRS Web Solutions customer since 2009, Isringhausen Imports of Illinois understands that cutting-edge websites are indispensable to drive sales.Go to Isringhausen News page

For Isringhausen’s most recent update this year, we rebuilt the site with a responsive, modern web design using LRS’ content management system, Antilles. We also integrated their inventory for an easily searchable front page. Our experienced web developers also tackled the complexities of integrating dealer portals. 

It got us thinking: Web maintenance and car maintenance have similar strategies. Let’s do a comparison with your car and your existing website.

Design -- Your car’s appearance makes its first impression -- sporty or practical, the style, color, the design gets people peering into the windows. Similarly, your website’s design – the colors, fonts, photographs and “feel” – the user’s experience -- keeps people driving farther into your site and your brand.  

Handling – How comfortable is your car to drive? Does it deliver a smooth ride, nimble handling and responsive shifting? Similarly, how comfortable and easily can visitors click around your website? Are customers frustrated and confused or worse – do they leave quickly? Can your users easily navigate your site on a mobile device? An enjoyable user experience (UX) keeps customers coming back to your site.

Features – Car perks can include high-end surround sound systems, heated seats and blind spot detection. Your website can feature the coolest tools in today’s web development, like optimizing it for mobile devices and adding customized apps. Just ask us.

Does your website need help under the hood? Talk to the experts at LRS Web Solutions for a free test-drive of LRS Antilles Content Management System and experience how to keep your website running as smoothly as a new car. 

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