6 Features Your Blog Software Must Have

By Bill Goldsberry

Picking a Blog That is Right for you

Choosing a content management system and blog software can be a daunting task. When beginning your search you may ask yourself:

What are the best blog platforms? Which blog is best for me? How can I try blog software?

Since you're reading this article, I hope that you're now asking:

Is LRS Antilles the right content management system and blog solution for me?

Many factors come into play when choosing the right blog solution for your site. The blog module for LRS Antilles Content Manager is an extremely powerful tool that can be used for blog management within your site. Whether your site is simply a blog, or you have hundreds of pages of content and a blog to manage, LRS Antilles can be a fantastic tool to help streamline your work.

In fact, I used the LRS Antilles blog module to write this post.

LRS Antilles blog post example

What are the most important features of a blog?

1. Ease of Use

First and foremost, any blog content management system has to be easy to use. No blogger wants to spend hours just trying to figure out how to create a blog post or add a tag. The interface needs to be intuitive so users do not have to ask as many questions. The LRS Antilles blog is simple to use, yet a very powerful blogging platform. We have our LRS Web Solutions User Experience experts review the interfaces for all of our LRS Antilles CMS products and modules to ensure a consistent experience and usability across the platform.

2. Support

Who do you call when there is an error with your blog? When using LRS Antilles, help is only a phone call or email away. Our team of Helpdesk technicians can assist with questions or resolve errors very quickly. This type of support is not something you'll find with other big-name CMS blog platforms.

3. A Really Good Content Editor

The ability to format blog content the way you want to see it without needing to know HTML or other programming languages is essential. A blog author will expect to be able to easily insert images, move content, organize the structure of their post, and format text as they see fit.

With the editor in the LRS Antilles blog, you're able to do all of these things while managing blog posts. Plugins from other modules can even be added to a post. Do you want to embed a form in your blog post? No problem, the plugin manager will let you do that in a couple of simple clicks.

As you can see, LRS Antilles itself is not a blog, and the blog itself is not a CMS. But when put together it can become one of the best blog cms solutions out there.Blog editor details

4. User Management

It is important to maintain a consistent message throughout your blog posts. If multiple authors are posting to your blog, you'll need to have robust user management and permissions.
LRS Antilles, as the content management system, provides a rich user management, role and permissions interface that can be utilized by the blog module. You'll have the ability to provide granular permissions for posting and publishing.

5. Share Share Share

The whole point of a blog post is to have as many people read as possible. Your blog solution should provide a simple way to share posts across popular social platforms. LRS Antilles gives the ability to share blog posts out of the box. With one click, users can share on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter. Of course, the team at LRS Web Solutions is constantly updating our content management solution as well as the blog module. So fear not, when that next social platform comes along, the blog module will soon have support for sharing it as well.

6. SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Basically, it's making sure your website pages show up when users run a search on your topic keywords. Make sure your content management system allows you to write unique metadata for your blog posts. That way, you can rank for the spectacular blog post you're going to write. 

Which Blogging Platform Should I Choose?

There are so many options available it can certainly be difficult to narrow down a list. My advice is to test several platforms on a trial basis. Determine what features are most important to you and pick a few CMS Blogs to try out. There are plenty of poorly designed blogging platforms out there. Take the time to see which tool is the best for your business.

Want to see for yourself? Watch our 2-minute video about the blog module

You can try LRS Antilles for free. Try it free today! 

Updated 9/4/20