LRS Antilles Content Manager 1.17.0 Release

We are proud to announce that LRS Antilles Content Manager 1.17.0 is now available!

Josh Cuzzort

We are proud to announce that LRS® Antilles Content Manager 1.17.0 is now available!

This update includes many under the hood changes, as well as some more visible changes. While a lot of the code changes we have made help to enhance performance, they also open the door for new types of modules to be installed, such as our new modules for Siteimprove® and Data Templates. No update would be complete without fixing known issues, so we smashed all the bugs we could find.


To help reduce the number of clicks it takes a user to make updates to their website, we have replaced the click-to-expand sub-navigation with a fly-out menu upon hovering over a module. In addition, we have made some minor adjustments to the look and feel of the dashboard widgets.


With our new plugin manager, an unlimited number of plugins can now be added to a page. Also, plugins can now be added to other content areas and modules; something which was not previously possible.



To help users make changes even faster to their website, new options have been added to the Quick Edit menu. On the edit page, we have two new features designed to help you make and review changes more quickly: page deletion and view page. With Workflow enabled, you will now see status badges next to your page title, allowing you to rapidly identify pages that are drafted or need approval. Save & Return buttons have been added for Placeholder and Link page types. Additional logic has been added to help make page stubs even more SEO friendly. If you are a shortcut power user, you’ll be glad to know that you can now use Ctrl+S to save your changes to a page.


Accounts that are locked have a new Unlock button, making it even easier for site administrators to assist their users. Impersonation Mode (previously added in version 1.16.0) now displays an alert indicating that you are impersonating a user and provides an option to exit Impersonation Mode. Additional security enhancements have been made to the way Impersonation Mode works, including removing the ability to impersonate a user if you are already impersonating another user.


You can now view your Audit Log in a convenient, easy-to-read, timeline view. Information about changing your profile photo has been added here, as well.


Resources can now be protected and require a user login to view. Simply limit the Resource Category Public Access Level to the Roles which should have access. Files uploaded to this category will require users be logged in to their account and be assigned to the corresponding role.


Our new module integrates with Site Improve to help you stay on top of your site’s content and critical SEO statistics. This new module can find broken links, spellcheck your content, and make sure you are providing your best face forward on search engines. A dashboard provides a complete overview, a quick popup tool provides you statistics when logged in and browsing your content.

Data Templates

You can now use the data from other modules in custom plugin templates with an expansive templating syntax. This gives maximum control of how your data is presented. Several modules are already supported as data sources with additional modules coming soon.

Change Log

  • Added ability for Antilles Admin users to unlock user accounts
  • Added ability to stop user impersonation
  • Added additional logging regarding when users enter or exit impersonation mode
  • Added additional options in the Quick Edit menu in Pages
  • Added alert when in user impersonation mode
  • Added Antilles Access Level to core modules
  • Added Antilles SiteLock feature to lock a site with a PIN
  • Added audit log timeline to My Profile page
  • Added delete page functionality when editing a page in Pages
  • Added CSS and JS versioning in site admin by current date time
  • Added info to My Profile page regarding updating profile photo
  • Added module hooks for deleting a user
  • Added OG Tag class interface
  • Added optional alerts to the Antilles Authenticate page
  • Added Public Access Level to Resource Categories, allowing for protected resources
  • Added Save & Return buttons for Placeholder, Links, and Products in Pages
  • Added save keyboard shortcut in Pages
  • Added Session Utility class to LRSWS Tools
  • Added status badges to Pages when Workflow is enabled
  • Added templating class to Antilles with Scriban
  • Added theme specific Tiny MCE® templates and link styles
  • Added tooltip for Additional Metadata in Pages
  • Added View Page button when editing a page
  • Added Dynamic Dependency Loading and Assembly Resolution support for Antilles modules
  • Fixed issue where images were not showing in Tiny MCE that were in Azure® blog storage
  • Fixed issue where long update log file could cause Updates module to load slowly
  • Fixed resource deletion issue for sites that had mix of Azure and local resources
  • Fixed unclosed placeholder tag in pages-googletagmanager view
  • Fixed various typos
  • Updated Antilles dashboard styling
  • Updated Antilles menu styling
  • Updated Antilles user options menu styling
  • Updated Impersonation Mode to store data in Identity instead of Session
  • Updated My Profile layout to adhere to the Antilles style guidelines
  • Updated Pages so that sorting is disabled when running search filters
  • Updated Pages to handle ampersands, exclamation points, and trailing hyphens in the page stub
  • Updated Password Reset and Forgot Password to issue temporary password, which must be changed upon next login
  • Updated plugin tokenization to allow unlimited plugins on a page
  • Updated Resource Categories to tabbed layout
  • Updated Save Content code into consolidated function
  • Updated Tiny MCE for integration with plugins
  • Updated Tiny MCE LRS Image plugin to show most recent images on top
  • Updated Users to prevent impersonating user while already in impersonation mode
  • Updated Users to use scrolling listbox for Additional Roles on Edit User page
  • Updated user functions to enhance performance and consolidate code
  • Updated user logout to clear session variables

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