Small Businesses: Quickly Launch Your Website on a Powerful CMS

Our Antilles Small Business Website package can get your professionally-designed site up within a week. Prices start at $2,500.
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LRS® Web Solutions offers a special solution for small businesses.

Your business website development is the most important piece of your marketing plan. You need a beautiful design that looks professional, has the content your customers need—but won’t break the budget.


The Website Service You Need Right Now

If you’re just starting a small business, or it’s time to refresh your current webpages, you may not have a lot of marketing budget set aside to build a large or complex site. Start small and manage your budget effectively.

LRS's web development for small businesses is an affordable solution. 

Working with our designers and developers, your new, professional website can be up and running in as little as one week.

Why choose LRS over free online software?

Choose LRS Web Solutions for your small business website. Building the site will be less work for you, it will work beautifully on all devices, and it will be easy to update.

You’ll have a professionally-built platform without the hassle of doing it by yourself. Our team of developers will do the heavy lifting of building the site.  Content creators are available for copywriting, photography, and videography.

Plus, you'll have ongoing support from real people is available when you need it.


What's Included in the Small Business Website Package

Web Design & Development 

  • Easy-to-Use LRS® Antilles CMS provided as SAAS (Software as a Service).
  • Customer-focused web design done for you.
  • Mobile-friendly website.
  • Branded icons/Design style guide
  • SEO/marketing consultation available.

Web Content Optimization

  • 5 pages of content, either migrated or created for you.
  • Additional content creation (copywriting, photos, video) available for additional cost.
  • Stock photography or photo migration. Up to 3 stock photos included.
  • SEO/Google Analytics setup.

Prompt & Professional Web Team

  • Fast turnaround in just a few days.
  • Ticketing system to track your project and get your site online quickly.
  • 1-on-1 training, how-to videos, and documentation provided.
  • 90-day customer support.

Keep Growing Your Business With These Services

  • Website Content: Grow Your site by adding Antilles modules like Blog, Portfolio, Locations, and Company Directory when it makes sense for your business.
  • Creative Services: Supplement your marketing team with our services that include photography, graphic design, copywriting, social media, digital advertising, and other marketing strategies.

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LRS Web Solutions can be a long-term tech partner to support your business goals.

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Time for Your Business

You’ll have more time to focus on building your business - Let professionals build your website.


Professional Quality

We do it better than the complex and confusing free online software platforms.


Flexible Pricing

Stretch your marketing budget by making this indispensible marketing tool a reasonable, recurring operating cost.



Add Web Solutions services and additional LRS™ Antilles features to grow your business.



Add content on your own, with support from LRS if needed.



Keep your site safe from hackers with LRS's® secure web hosting.


The Small Business Website Package is affordable and customizable for your business. After a $2500 up-front cost, you’ll enroll in a $250 monthly subscription to maintain your site.

Ongoing benefits include:

  • Full access for your team to your website on LRS® Antilles CMS
  • Access to LRS® Customer Support
  • Eligibility for Antilles Upgrades
  • Eligibility for Additional Antilles Modules

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