20 New Websites for the Illinois Senate GOP? No problem.

The Illinois Senate Republicans once again turned to LRS Web Solutions and LRS Antilles Content Manager to help tackle the daunting task of building and launching 20 new websites.

Jeff Enlow

For Republican lawmakers in the Illinois State Senate, serving their constituents starts with keeping them informed about important issues. The Illinois Senate Republican staff does its part by helping to maintain sites for 19 Republican senators and an umbrella site for the party caucus. These sites provide news and legislative information to more than four million constituents.

Unfortunately, the Senate GOP's existing sites were several years old and utilized a content management system that strained their budget without meeting their requirements. The sites needed a fresh look and staffers tasked with updating important content needed a more robust tool. Thankfully, the Senate Republican Staff knew just who to turn to! Having already worked with the team at LRS Web Solutions for many years, they once again engaged our services to help them tackle the daunting task of building and launching 20 new websites.

In addition to having a brand new, custom-designed template with 3 color options for each senator to choose from, the new sites would be powered by LRS Antilles Content Manager. The conversion to LRS Antilles would provide more than just the cost and functionality benefits that the Senate GOP required. It would also provide the added benefit of faster load times than visitors experienced with the previous sites. This enabled the senators and their staffs to reach constituents in an efficient and more effective manner.

Of course, reaching and engaging Illinoisans of almost every age is vital to any statewide political organization. The Senate GOP knew that social media links and feeds would be a must-have for communicating with the widest possible audience. The LRS Web Solutions team incorporated "sticky buttons" on the homepages of each site as well as Facebook feeds on many of the websites' subpages.

Read more about the many features of LRS Antilles at and check out the results of this exciting project at!

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