Redesigned Site for E.L. Pruitt with LRS Antilles CMS

By Jeff Enlow

Like the complex mechanical, HVAC, and plumbing systems they design and install, the staff at E.L. Pruitt knows that the most important features of an effective website are often out of view!

Imagine walking into a brand new office complex or medical facility. Other than the a few subtle fixtures and vents, you're probably not going to notice the things that keep these buildings safe and comfortable. But lying just beneath the surface are thousands of feet of pipes and HVAC conduit that connect each room to professionally-installed, high-efficiency systems - each there as a result of careful design and planning. The same is true when you visit a brand new website. Important functionality like mobile responsiveness and robust content management systems aren't the things that grab a website visitor's attention, but they’re must-haves for a positive user experience.

Having already enjoyed a long business relationship with E.L. Pruitt, the team at LRS Web Solutions knew just what to do when they were asked to reimagine the company’s website. An all-new would have to reflect not only the company’s growth and vision for the future, but its deep experience and history. Established in 1971, E.L. Pruitt Co. has grown to become a leading provider of complete mechanical contracting services which include engineering, design-build, installation and services for HVAC, plumbing, process piping systems, sheet metal fabrication, architectural sheet metal, and refrigeration for commercial, institutional and industrial clients. With such an impressive story to tell, showcasing E.L. Pruitt’s many projects and the quality of their work was job #1 for the team at LRS.

Utilizing LRS® Antilles Content Manager as its platform, a mobile responsive site with a completely custom look and feel was created by LRS Web Solutions’ designers and developers. The design combines the company’s familiar branding with bold fonts and a secondary color for added emphasis and calls to action. A unique keyword search along with subtle but effective hover states enhance the visitor experience. Finally, the versatility of LRS Antilles allows the staff at E.L. Pruitt to manage 99% of the content, menu, and images throughout the site, virtually eliminating the cost of outsourcing updates.

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