The Importance of Quality Branding

By Jason Eisele

The Importance of Quality Branding

A brand is defined by the way customers perceive a company through their overall experience. That experience encompasses everything from printed marketing materials to interactions with customer service representatives to the usability of the brand website. Quality branding is immensely important for a business of any size and here’s why…

Branding Creates Recognition, Recognition Breeds Familiarity

Consistency is key in developing brand recognition and identity design plays a major role in any branding initiative. It is ultimately the means a company uses to connect with its audience and support its perceived corporate image.

A corporate identity is comprised of all devices used to identify a company within a specified set of guidelines. The guidelines usually define specific colors, fonts, design treatments, etc. and are used to ensure an identity remains consistent, coherent, and recognizable.

Consumers favor businesses that are familiar to them. Branding that is consistent and easily recognizable will foster that familiarity. It will make consumers feel comfortable purchasing products and services from a specific business because they will know what to expect during each experience with the brand.

A Well-Defined Brand Strategy Provides Direction to Staff

While visual elements of a brand offer the first impression to consumers, the personnel of any business help mold the perception of a brand through simple interaction. A clear brand strategy provides clarity to staff by outlining how to act and provide proper service to a customer.

Thoughtful Design Creates a Satisfying Experience

If a user’s experience with a brand shapes perception, this is especially important when considering a web presence. When a user determines a website to be difficult to use, whether that is navigating the site or digesting information, the typical response is to leave. Investing in the creation of logical, effective, and efficient web architecture will help the user achieve their goal and instill confidence in the brand.

Regardless of product or service, successful brands the world over have at least one thing in common: they all invest in high-quality branding. It enables them to be instantly recognizable and inspire trust within their target market. Every business, large or small, can benefit from investing in analysis and design to build a better brand.