Hanson Inc Launches Website With LRS Antilles

From 2018 to today, Hanson Inc has partnered with LRS Web Solutions to transform from an outdated website to a forward-thinking, innovative and mobile-friendly website design. Hanson has continued the partnership over the past 3 years to keep their website modern and visually appealing.

Jeff Enlow

Since its founding in 1954, Hanson Professional Services Inc., based in Springfield, Illinois has grown into a nationally-recognized, award-winning consulting firm that specializes in engineering, planning and a range of allied services. From its headquarters in Springfield, as well as its many offices across the United States, Hanson has taken on many challenging projects and consistently demonstrates a deep commitment to its clients' success. They do this by taking a hands-on approach to projects with a clear focus on budget, timeline, and achieving their clients' ultimate goals.

When Hanson found itself with an outdated website that did not reflect the company's forward-thinking ethos (or meet the needs of its mobile visitors), they knew it was time for a change.  The company hired LRS Web Solutions to create a more modern, visually appealing, and mobile-friendly web presence.

The project began with a series of meetings between LRS and Hanson to review the company's internal processes and systems. This critical work helped the Web Solutions team craft a solution that would help the company achieve its objectives. Before the design and development phase of the project could begin, a User Experience Engineer from LRS worked with the Hanson team to define the information architecture and navigation for the new site. Next came the look and feel! Graphic designers from LRS worked with Hanson to define the site's visual aesthetic. The design team created a new home page that included examples of how the interface would look on both desktop and smartphone screens.

Completed and launched in early 2018, the all-new was built on the LRS Antilles Content Manager platform. It features many of Antilles' most popular modules -- Form Builder, List Builder, Locations, News, Photo Gallery, and a YouTube Channel Video Library Page. With LRS Antilles, the staff at Hanson Professional Services Inc. has a robust content editing and management solution that allows even non-technical employees to manage their new site with ease.

UPDATE: 2021

Three years after the full website redesign, Hanson has maintained a partnership with LRS Web Solutions to keep its site updated. In early 2021, Hanson refreshed its homepage with a new design that better reflects the needs of its clients and trends in website design. Now it's easier for clients to get to the specific service they're interested in. 

Hanson's refreshed homepage

The homepage design flawlessly integrates with the existing page design, just one benefit of sticking with LRS. , The menu and subpage templates also got facelifts. Thanks to the great relationships with the Hanson team that have been maintained over the past three years, the project got done faster.

Hanson's redesigned homepage and design tweaks shows how small investments in your website in between full website redesigns keep your website and your company's brand -- looking their best.   

See the results of this exciting project at

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