Why we developed our own CMS

Why did we build LRS Antilles?

Beau Ford

The CMS Standard

The web is now the de facto standard for accessing information. Having a content management system (CMS) to maintain a website is no longer an add-on feature to consider, it is essential. When companies started embracing the idea of launching their own websites in the early 90's, content was simple. The web was mostly brochure sites that didn't change often. Today, we go online for nearly everything.

Working with businesses to transform their online presence is something we love to do. The marriage between content and the technology required to successfully deliver that content is crucial. As a web development company, our challenge is to take that content and build the best experience possible. Just like when a customer walks into a physical location, they expect to easily purchase an item, sign up for an event, or access their online banking.

One Size Does Not Fit All

As web developers, we have implemented many content management systems for our clients. These solutions enhanced the ability for our customers to manage their own content, keeping information up-to-date while allowing us to work on the design and functionality of the site separately. As our customers’ needs are ever growing, we have always tried to stay a step ahead of the competition. One of the on-going issues we identified with standardized Content Management Systems, such as DNN and WordPress, was that they were often too loosely integrated. Providing a truly fantastic website requires both the expertise of the customer and the developers.

As a web development company, LRS Web Solutions is uniquely positioned to provide exceptional websites because our team consists of specialists in design, programming, layout, SEO, and project management. We don't believe there is a Jack-of-All-Trades that can beat the expertise we have in each area. So why should we be using tools that were designed for that purpose? To provide the best service to our customers, we needed a tool that not only provided an easy way for our customers to update their own content, but let us deliver the best possible experience utilizing the talents of our own development team. We don't want to say "No, we can't do that,” or settle for a combination of plugins built by others when we could deliver a better product ourselves.

A Better CMS Evolves: LRS Antilles Content Manager

We decided to build our own content management system. In development for years and based on experience working with customers, we created LRS Antilles Content Manager. Our system does not serve the needs of the "typical" customer, but specifically address the unique needs of actual customers. We built Antilles to extend our expertise and allow us to build better websites.

Today, we fully embrace LRS Antilles as our CMS solution of choice and develop industry specific modules for business, banking, e-commerce and healthcare. LRS Antilles allows us to think outside the constraints of other systems and focus on what is most important for our customers.

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