6 Tips to Extend the Life of Your Website

How Long Will Your Website Design Last?  Here’s How to Keep Your Site Fresh

Karen Carlson

“Didn’t we just redesign our website?” your CEO asks. The answer may feel like "Yes."

You've probably heard that around the office when you say that it's time for a website redesign.   

Experts say the lifespan of a website is about two-and-half years. That doesn’t seem like a long time, especially considering the time it takes to plan, design, execute and promote a website. After you complete a website redesign, you probably just want to be done with the site and move on to your next project. It’s tempting to ignore your website and let it be.

But that’s like having your teeth cleaned and then not brushing until your next checkup (yuck!).  

Like a healthy smile can enhance your personal image, your digital presence has a measurable effect on your business's success.

Not sure if your customers are online? Studies show that more than 85 percent of shoppers research products online. Google reports more than 3.5 billion searches a day. Your customers are online -- and so are your competitors. 

So how can you keep your website relevant as long as possible?

Keep your website updated.

The good news is that unlike brushing your teeth, you don’t have to update your website twice a day. But maintaining your company’s website with optimized technical details and user-focused content should be a planned part of your workweek. 

Why spend the time now? It could turn into cost savings later.

Websites: Part of a Healthy Business

A healthy website will give your business the best chance to be in the mix of the top search engine results. And give your customers a good user experience once they get there so they’ll stay (and come back).

With website design and algorithms changing often, it’s imperative that your website stays competitive. And that means a continual cycle of improvements. This can include these 6 strategies:

Update Content

Update at least once a month: Add photos, videos, fresh content, swap out calls to action. Make sure your content adds value to your customers.

Add Calls
to Action

What do you want your customers to do? Sign up for a newsletter or event? Call you? Download a report or infographic? Make it easy for users to do business with you and track each CTAs success.

Check Accessibility

Make sure your website meets accessibility standards. Are you adding alternative text and proper headers? Is your use of color appropriate? If you’re not sure, ask your developer for an accessibility audit.

Know Your Goals

Your website is more than an online brochure. What are your business goals and how does your website help you meet those goals? Make sure your navigation is helping customers convert.

Promote the Site

Use social media channels to drive users to specific pages on your site. Use digital marketing for special promotions, discounts, and services. This helps your SEO.

Check Tech Specs

Make sure your site's technical specs are top-notch. Page titles, Header structure, page speed, and more. A little maintenance here can keep your site clean of errors. 

If you can make website maintenance a regular part of your workweek, then when it does come time to redesign, your site will be stronger than most - and that will save you money.

By implementing these 6 strategies, you might be able to keep your website relevant for a bit longer than the 30-month mark. But after your site's third birthday, its design will look dated. And anyway, you'll be envious of the latest and greatest designs and technologies that you could use to enhance your user's experience and generate more user engagement.

Then it's time to sink your teeth into a redesign. The good news is you’ll save time, money and hassle when you can proudly say the following:

  • “Our content is updated regularly and provides value to our users.”
  • “We have many photos and graphics and they are of good quality.”
  • “We’re meeting accessibility standards to help users with disabilities use our website.”
  • “We know what our goals are when it comes to the website.”
  • “The website navigation reflects both our goals and how our customers use the site.”

If you can confidently say these things, then your next website redesign will be easier and faster, and that will save your company time and money. You will be prepared and that will make the project go smoother. 

A website that is content-rich, modern, responsive, fast and accessible builds trust, authority, and confidence so website users become website customers.

 Get Help & Get Your Website Ready

Need help with these website strategies? 

Contact us to get a free estimate for these services:

  • Content and Goal Strategy/Creation
  • Accessibility Checkup
  • Custom Photography and Videography
  • Website Audit
  • Ongoing SEO 

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