LRS™ Antilles Powers Saints Avenue Bank

LRS™ redesigned Saints Avenue Bank's website to provide an efficient, modern, and innovative user experience.

Jeff Enlow

Founded in 1944 as the Ralls County State Bank (RCS Bank), the newly christened Saints Avenue Bank is truly a bank for the 21st century.

Faced with a customer base that is increasingly doing almost every type of transaction and/or service online instead of at a physical branch, banks today know they must adapt. The executive team at Saints Avenue Bank knew that, with their virtual banking solutions allowing for growth far beyond the local communities they've served, they needed to reimagine their identity.

First, they needed a name that was more reflective of their position in the market. Thus, Saints Avenue Bank was born! They also needed a new website that would provide an efficient user experience for their increasingly remote customers. They asked LRS to create this site and to give it (as well as their image) a more modern, forward-thinking, and innovative feel.  

One of the most important features of the new site is its responsive design. It’s not just physical locations that are falling out of favor. Today's users are increasingly doing their banking on their mobile devices rather than desktop machines.  It was imperative for Saints Avenue Bank to give their customers an online experience that could be accessed from wherever they went.  With the new responsive design, the entire website is optimized for whatever mobile device, and tablet resolution that the viewer browses on.

Lastly (and perhaps most importantly), the new site is built on the LRS™ Antilles content management platform. LRS™ Antilles is a robust content editing and management solution built by the development team at LRS Web Solutions.  With Antilles, even non-technical staff at Saints Avenue Banks can manage their new site with ease.

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