The Benefits of Heatmapping

The coolest way to see how users actually use your website: Heatmapping.

Karen Carlson

Have you ever wondered how people are interacting with your web pages? Do they view the whole page? What links do they click on?

A website tool called "heatmapping" can help you identify how your website is performing and highlight areas of concern to help you identify changes you need to make.

What is Heatmapping?

Heatmapping is akin to visual analytics of your webpage. Through color, it shows how users interact with webpages. Basic color-coded images can show you how far they scrolled, how often links were clicked, and other useful data. Some heatmap platforms offer additional information such as A/B testing and video recordings of real users scrolling and clicking on the webpage.

Heatmapping reports provide insight into how to improve the design of webpages. This could include simple color changes of button, swapping content panels, or adding interaction to design elements. If you can identify at what point in the scroll users leave a page, you can analyze the content and make improvements to test.

The Benefits of Heatmapping Include:

  • Enhanced communication with decision makers
  • Key insights on your visitors’ behavior
  • Simplified, valuable insights from broad data sets

For example, we used heatmapping analysis to study one of our clients' PPC landing pages. We found that users were frantically clicking on static icons, thinking the graphics were actually links. We turned that finding into an opportunity to please the users and give them more information. When users clicked on the modified element, they were rewarded with an animation that opened up a modal with more information about the service being offered. 

The result is improved user experience that can lead to more conversions. 

Interested in Website Heatmapping? Request a Free Scan, courtesy Monsido and Levi, Ray, & Shoup

Interested in Website Heatmapping?

Request a Free Scan


  • The ongoing benefits of using heatmapping
  • Process of setting up data collection
  • How to improve the user interface for better customer reaction
  • How to optimize your site using heatmapping data
  • Demo of how to use heatmapping

User Experience Strategist Jamie Baird and Web Development Manager Bill Goldsberry from LRS® Web Solutions, and Adam Horowitz from Monsido shared the benefits of using heatmaps on websites.

If you want to learn more about adding heatmapping software to your website, contact us at LRS Web Solutions.

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