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About Physical Rehabilitation Network

Physical Rehabilitation Network (PRN) assists physical therapists in developing and operating their own practices. The redesigned website ties together functionality from locations, a company directory, social feeds, and consolidated appointment scheduling across all locations.

Physical Rehabilitation Network (PRN) has more than 8 different brands under its name.

LRS® Web Solutions consolidated the brands under the PRN label on a single website. We created 8 brand templates to develop a custom website design that would allow the brands to maintain their individual identities under the PRN corporation. As PRN acquires new brands, they can quickly and easily add new brand pages that reflect the PRN brand but maintain a local feel.

Each of PRN's locations is searchable by state, zip code, and organized by brand.

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A majority of users view PRN's site on a mobile device. So it was imperative that their mobile version be flawless. 

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