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About Memorial Health

Memorial Health, formerly known as Memorial Health System, is a regional medical provider in central Illinois. 

LRS® Web Solutions consolidated more than 12 separate sites of Memorial Health System into a single site and a single brand: The result is a unified presence with dozens of medical services, hundreds of medical providers, 6 hospitals, 5 foundations, dozens of clinic locations and more.

Custom Website Solutions

With an array of services, Memorial needed custom digital solutions. This included:

  • Hospital pre-registration
  • Online greeting cards ordering
  • Community support requests management
  • Content migration management - we edited and transferred hundreds of webpage content using the QA Scorecard module.
  • On-site searches and 404 tracking using the Site Health module.
greeting cards

Physician and Locations Modules

A custom module organizes physicians and provides detailed profiles and videos to help patients choose a medical provider. The module includes 300+ physician/PA/nurse profiles. A similar module for locations includes 50 clinics and hospitals.


Email Marketing, Website Changes in One Place 

Using the user-friendly LRS® Antilles Email Marketing Module, Memorial maintains website, email marketing from the LRS® Antilles admin, managing all their marketing lists in one place, import existing subscribers to their marketing lists, and send marketing emails with the option of sending text notifications.


More than 50% of Memorial's traffic comes from mobile devices.



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