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About Illinois Bankers

As a trade organization dedicated to the Illinois banking industry, the Illinois Bankers Association makes available the latest news, education, and resources to member financial institutions.

LRS® Antilles CMS provides a more user-friendly site for members, who can easily register for programs, access privileges, and update their profiles. Illinois Bankers staff can easily maintain the website, create online forms, and update notices and resources quickly. LRS® Web Solutions also redesigned logo used online and in printed marketing materials.

Easy Vendor Integration

Vendor integrations included  the single sign-on option with Microsoft UX 365 CRM, conferences and education events and a vendor search.


More Design Options

Illinois Bankers' staff love the clean look of the site and brand, with new elements to style pages. 


"The LRS team effectively integrated multiple third parties to create a lively, dynamic site that’s easy for users to navigate." 

-Tammy Squires, IBA Vice President, Data and Digital Marketing

New Content Management System

Illinois Bankers' previous CMS was clunky and difficult to use. LRS® Antilles is intuitive, easy to use and great for teams to make updates quickly.  It also allows copy generated out of CRM system to be displayed on the public website.


A branding refresh included a logo and print design




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