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About Christian Retreats Network

Christian Retreats Network (CRN), headquartered in Carlinville, Illinois, provides venues and event planning for Christian events at seven locations. Multiple websites convey a bright, fun image to serve campers and adults alike.

Faster Load Times, Better Designs

Before a redesign with LRS® Web Solutions, CRN's slow-loading websites frustrated staff and website users. Our team designed CRN's main site, as well the websites of its seven partner locations. Now, the sites load faster and include rollovers and simplified navigation.


LRS® Web Solutions maintained consistent branding for multiple affiliate sites.


3 Custom Modules

Centralized Event Planning

Planner Central, a custom module built by LRS® Web Solutions, integrates with the CRM allowing for personalized messages to customers that match their stage in the event booking process.

Better Form Building

As event planners, the CRN team uses numerous forms to keep everything organized. LRS® Antilles’ Form Builder lets the CRN staff easily build the forms independently and share the data with their Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software.

Improved Lead Tracking 

We built another custom module, Lead Tracking, allowing CRN to qualified leads. The team can easily measure the success of digital advertising and email campaigns.


"A website company to do everything" 

LRS delivered on CRN's needs to handle multiple websites, integrate with a CRM, build the brand and troubleshoot.

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