Website Lifecycle

Business website development is an ongoing cycle of strategic steps.

For the best business website, continual website updates should be part of your annual marketing plan.

Our team at LRS® Web Solutions has a nine-step process, and we can help you with all parts. Use the arrows to cycle through each step in the website update process and see how we work.

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    This is our starting point. We will review your site's current Google Analytics™, competitors or any other metrics we can find to understand your users, the technical improvements needed, and what content is working and what's not.

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    The second step is to work with you to plan, create a site structure from the analytics, look at needed content updates, and envision what moments of delight we can create to make your site spectacular.

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    Once the structure (called wireframes) is approved, our site constructionists get to work to build the virtual "walls" of the site with a webpage design that includes your brand's colors and logos.

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    Add Content

    Now it's time to add content. Our teamwork continues, adding and sprucing up text, pictures, video, documents, and graphics. If you need help, we also have designers, photographers, and writers to lend a hand.

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    SEO + Quality Assurance Testing

    Before the website launches, we'll add SEO details, test the site for accessibility issues, and review the site for quality assurance.

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    We'll teach you how to update your site so you can make updates independently.

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    This is the big day! We hit the "go" button and make sure all goes smoothly once the site is live.

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    Time to tell the world! Make sure you promote on social media and other marketing channels. Our marketing services can help you with social media and paid media advertising.

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    A website is never "done." Add accessibility and ongoing SEO services to keep your site competitive. Make plans for any "Phase 2" items on your wish list. We'll send you monthly analytics of your site and updates to LRS® Antilles CMS. And the cycle continues!

Where is your business website in the cycle?