Website Accessibility

Website Accessibility ensures all uses have a great experience on your website.


Everyone deserves an equitable digital experience. That means making sure that all the important elements of your website can be enjoyed by everyone, regardless of their ability. LRS® Web Solutions makes website accessibility easy.

We develop all our website designs to meet Level AA accessibility standards. Clients have the option of ongoing accessibility reviews through our website partner, Monsido.

We’re so committed to website accessibility, we’ll give you a free website accessibility audit even if you’re not a client.

What Does Website Accessibility Mean?

The concept of “website accessibility” includes making the internet usable for people with various kinds of chronic disabilities, including visual, hearing, physical, neurological, speech and more. But some users might have temporary disabilities, such as a broken arm, vision issues or other short-term illnesses that force you to modify how you interact with digital devices.  

With an accessible website, all your users can have a great experience, any time, any place, and on any device.

Why is Accessibility Important?

Websites with poor accessibility are at risk for lawsuits and poor user experiences. Maintaining website accessibility for all users is an important part of protecting your business from potential accessibility lawsuits as well as creating a satisfying customer experience. Your business will benefit from added customers or clients, will be compatible with today's technology, and will meet the legal requirements for websites. And frankly, it's just the right thing to do.

Sign Up for Website Accessibility Reviews with LRS® Web Solutions and Monsido

LRS® Web Solutions has partnered with Monsido to provide accessibility and quality assurance services to identify issues and keep your business website compliant with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). Regular checks of your website ensure that it meets the worldwide accessibility standards. That keeps your customers coming back to your website and can prevent costly lawsuits.  With LRS® Web Solutions as your partner, you'll have an expert developer reviewing the issues, fixing them, and/or making recommendations for future improvements. 

What You'll Get

Enroll in a membership with our partner accessibility provider and you'll receive a regular report of accessibility issues, quality assurance issues, SEO opportunities, misspellings, broken links and broken images. Heatmapping is also available. You'll also get technical support from our Web Solutions customer support team to fix the issues.

Why You Need It

With a compliant website, you can proudly tell your customers that your website meets WCAG 2.1 standards. Feel confident and rest assured that ALL of your users can access your website.

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