Sell Products Easily on Your Website

LRS Antilles E-Commerce integrates with your business website.


Easily Add E-Commerce to an Existing Website.

Let's set up your e-commerce store! You don’t need to be a current LRS® Web Solutions customer to use the LRS® Antilles E-Commerce Store.

The LRS® Antilles Store is a secure installation that can configure your products with multiple images.

Quickly enter products on SEO-optimized pages to increase exposure on search engines such as Google.

Incoming order notifications optionally provide alerts via email or SMS text message that a new order has arrived, so you can fill the order and confirm payment within your bank account.

Customers receive an email receipt of their order with a customizable message. Order information is stored in the secure admin area. Search and sorting options also provide a way to process and find existing orders.

Benefits of the LRS® Antilles E-Commerce Package

  • Secure admin area
  • Manage multiple tax rates for US-based stores
  • Shipping calculations
  • Shipping integration with rates from UPS, USPS or FedEx
  • Third-party vendor integration also available
  • BrainTree Payments or Authorize.net integration included. Other payment providers are also available.
  • Social media integration for Facebook, X (formerly Twitter) and Pinterest
  • Coupon creation to offer customers a discounted rate on purchases made using the LRS® Antilles Store. Create percentage off or dollar-off coupons, or free shipping. A single coupon may be applied to a purchase.

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