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Business website development firms offer different services and have differing expertise. It can be very overwhelming to know which website company best fits your needs.

What questions should you ask? How do you evaluate the company? 

LRS Web Solutions wants to help you get the best website for your business.  We provide free resources to help you make an efficient, cost-effective and valuable decision about a web firm that fits your business's size, staff skills, and budget.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Website Redesigns

What's involved in a website redesign for my business?

Business websites are an ongoing cycle of activities, from analytics, to design improvements and content updates. See our Website Lifecycle. 

I just need a quick website template. I can do it myself, right?

Your website is a crucial part of marketing your business. Sometimes a template or theme design will work. We'll work with you to find the best design for your company and your budget. Is a website template/theme design right for you.

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See how building your business website is like building a house.

How can I make my website last longer?

Website designs change frequently. Technology changes fast, and so websites start to show their age after about 3 years. But there are ways to delay a full redesign. Read 6 Tips to Extend the Life of Your Business Website to find insider info.

I don't want to read. Can I talk to somebody? 

We're here for you! Contact us and we'll chat.

How can I make my business website redesign easy?

How can I speed up my website redesign project?

Pick the best website company with this scoresheet

Our scoresheet lets you compare the services of each website company you consider. Add companies to each column and compare them with LRS Web Solutions! Add features that are important to you and your business website development.

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Blog Posts

Browse our Blog for posts to answer your questions about how to start a website redesign. Topics include keeping projects on-time, planning the project, extending the life your business website and more! 

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