At LRS Web Solutions, we love delivering great experiences for our clients. One of the best ways our clients say "Thank You" is by referring us to a friend or colleague. 

Now, we're saying thank you to our clients with our Client Referral Program. 

With each qualifying referral, you will receive two months of free hosting ($600 total value)!


 To be eligible for the two months of free hosting, the following criteria have to be met:

  • You must have a current contract with LRS Web Solutions.
  • The referral must sign a contract with LRS Web Solutions within a reasonable amount of time after the referral has been made.
  • The referral must not currently be under contract or previously under contract with LRS Web Solutions.
  • Government entities or organizations prohibited from receiving referral incentives are not eligible.


 2 Options to Submit a Referral:

How to Receive Referral Reward:

Submit the form below or contact an LRS representative. After the company you have referred to LRS Web Solutions has signed the necessary contracts to work with us, we'll contact you and set up two months of free hosting for your website.

This person and their company would benefit from LRS Web Solutions' services:

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LRS reserves the right to change or eliminate this program at any time.