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Website Accessibility

Accessibility and Quality Assurance Packages

Is your site accessible by everyone? Can users with visual and hearing disabilities use your website as easily as other users?

Make sure you’re providing a usable web experience for all your website visitors. Let LRS Web Solutions help you meet the WCAG 2.1 requirements for accessibility with the LRS Accessibility Package.

What Does Website Accessibility Mean?

The concept of “accessibility” includes making the internet usable for people with various kinds of chronic disabilities, including visual, hearing, physical, neurological, speech and more. But also people can also have temporary disabilities, such as a broken arm or other illnesses. Or maybe you’re watching TV while browsing a site on your phone and want closed captioning so you don’t have to play a video out loud.

Get peace of mind and avoid surprises when it comes to website accessibility.

Why is Accessibility Important?

Maintaining website accessibility for all users is an important part of protecting your business from potential accessibility lawsuits as well as creating a satisfying customer experience. Your business will benefit from added customers or clients, will be compatible with today's technology, and will meet the legal requirements for websites And frankly, it's just the right thing to do.  

LRS Web Solutions has partnered with Monsido to provide an Accessibility and Quality Assurance package to identify issues and keep your site WCAG compliant. 

With a compliant website, you can proudly tell your customers that your website meets WCAG 2.0 standards. Feel confident and rest assured that ALL of your users can access your website. 

Why LRS Web Solutions?

Accessibility is a critical part of our philosophy of website redesign, and our website projects launch with optimum accessibility.

Monthly website scans will ensure that your website's content, photos, and navigation remain in compliance with accessibility standards.

What's Included in the LRS Accessibility Package?

  • Website Accessibility Scan
    for WCAG 2.1 Level A and Level
    AA Issues
  • A report delivered to you with
    the option to improve ADA
    website accessibility
  • Misspellings and
    Broken Links
  • SEO opportunities
  • Analysis by LRS developer
  • Consultation with an LRS
    developer on the reported
    issues (1 hr)

We also will provide historical reporting, so you’ll see how your site has become more accessible over time. During the developer consultation, some issues may be resolved, or marked as non-issues. Other items can be entered as help desk tickets for our team to resolve before the next scan. Or we can give you guidance so you can correct some issues on your own.

Can I See a Report to Measure My Website’s Accessibility?

Yes! We can provide a one-time report to give you a benchmark, with a follow-up scan any time within 14 days. Our developers are also available to assist with reviewing the report and correcting issues. If you sign up for a subscription within 30 days of purchasing a 1-time scan, the first month of your subscription will be free.

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