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Litchfield National Bank Launches A New Antilles Site

Litchfield National bank launched a new website using LRS Antilles for content management.

Bill Goldsberry

Congrats to Litchfield National Bank on their fantastic website redesign! We enjoyed working with them to make their site more user friendly across all devices.

The site was built using LRS Antilles, and takes advantage of several Antilles Modules.

  • Alerts to show important information to users such as location closures due to inclement weather.
  • Financial calculators to allow customers to calculate payments for several types of loans
  • New to manage and display news items.
  • Rates to allow LNB administrators to easily update rate information on the site.
  • Form Builder to create and manage forms
  • List Builder to update information on the site such as locations, FAQ's, home page banners and careers.

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